Sunday, March 2, 2008

When will our votes reach the working poor

I only hope that with all this attention being given to election, mayors running rampant, what celeberties are not eating, that we can put our focus on the facts:
Health care, Mental Health care, Jobs, Mortgages, Oil prices, Hunger in America, Education
and many other issues that i'm sure I left out but , these are part of Maslow's Hierarchy and without these people are loosing themselves and their loved ones.
People living in the house with people who are sick mentally and physically and have no way to help them. Men who have no way to feed their families. All these things are causing people to snap on their families and even hurt themselves. I often wonder when we are voting for our leaders is this a joke because everyone of the candidates promise to make it better for the working poor, and the poor but it always stay the same.
Tell me what you think?